20 years of experience in translating,

print and digital media.

For 7 years the Luxury department,

has exclusively managed the needs of luxury houses.

Each house has its own culture, and we make it our business to offer you customised services. By gaining an in-depth understanding of the houses for which we work, we become valuable, mutual partners.

The close relationships we cultivate with our customers contribute to the editorial coherence and high quality of the translations we provide.

We provide translation, copywriting and transcreation services for all print and digital media in the fields of high watchmaking, high jewellery, leather goods, perfumery, wines and spirits, and many more.
You are artisans of materials.

We are artisans of words.

Our strengths

A single work space, bringing together:

  • dedicated project managers, our customers’ exclusive point of contact;
  • mother-tongue linguists in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc.;
  • subeditors;
  • graphic designers;
  • web and audiovisual technicians.
Advantages for our customers

Our in-house linguists work alongside our project managers and technical experts. This organisation prevents problems related to time zone differences and loss of information, and ensures that we can answer your questions and make any requested changes within the expected deadlines.

Our digital and graphic design experts work closely with our linguists to create our customers’ digital and print media. Together, they check the integration of content, the ease of navigation, and the linguistic, typographical and technical accuracy of the texts.

Each project has its own particularities and challenges. This is why our project managers hold project launch meetings to brief the relevant linguists, graphic designers and/or digital experts as required. These meetings are crucial to the success of each project, ensuring that everyone understands the customer’s needs, the issues at stake and the timescales, and takes account of any subsidiary validations that are then managed by our linguists.

Translation and proofreading
Having examined the source text, our mother-tongue in-house linguist will select the right translator from our network, all of whom are based in their the country of origin and specialise in the relevant field, then proofread the translated text in order to ensure its full coherence with the customer’s product and the culture of their house.
Copy editing
Copy editors proofread and adjust your translated text to render it engaging and comprehensible. They are responsible for the spelling, grammar, style and precision of the text. After the graphic design phase, they ensure the coherence of the text with its graphic environment. For example, they may be required to shorten or lengthen a text to adapt it to the constraints of the graphic charter.
Translation memories
After a translation is completed, the dedicated client translation memory is updated. This memory allows us to maintain coherence and harmony between multiple projects for a single client, ensuring that your brand-specific terminology is respected and that everything that has previously been translated is retained for future reference.
Whether you’re holding a seminar, conference or business meeting, we have the interpreting solution for your needs and event. Our agency has a vast network of professional interpreters with a wide selection of language pairs. We carefully select our interpreters based on their experience, references and the quality of their work.
Desktop publishing
Your translated and validated texts are integrated by our in-house graphic designers, adapted to your graphic charter and in line with the reading modes and typographic rules of the target country. This stage sometimes requires validation with your subsidiaries for specific choices of font, text justification, page layout, etc. The completed document is then validated by our project managers/copy editors in their native language in order to check coherence with the source template, word breaks, punctuation, and so on.
In-country review
Our project managers, native speakers of the relevant language, contact subsidiary representatives directly to validate the translated texts and to ensure that any changes requested still respect the source text.
Web solutions
Websites, newsletters, social media, applications… Today’s must-have communication channels provide your customers with a gateway to your products, services, expertise and philosophy. At InPuzzle, our teams are there to advise you on the creation of your website and guide you through its multilingual management.
Audiovisual communication
Our in-house audiovisual department offers audio, video and multimedia post-production services in combination with the linguistic management of your texts, as well as voice-over services with our network of experienced voice actors. Our services include the recording of voice-overs and narration, subtitling, personalised visual effects, transcription, image and sound processing, voice server content (IVR) and complete video localisation.
Our management tool
Our project management tool enables you to monitor the progress of your projects by language and by file in real time, including the approval stage with your subsidiaries abroad. It offers the facility to push a file and request a service (translation, page layout, copywriting, etc.) either manually or automatically via an API between your CMS and our tool.

Most file formats are supported: Word, Excel, HTML, IDML (DTP format), XML, etc. Translation memories and glossaries are automatically applied to each language and are accessible from your online account. Lastly, your account provides an overall summary of all of your projects, both current and archived.   Contact us to arrange a detailed presentation of our solution.

The Luxury division

within the Ubiqus group

The Ubiqus group has established itself internationally over the past 20 years, with branches in France, the United States, Canada, Spain, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Italy. It employs 600 people worldwide, including 320 in France.

In 2018, the group generated sales of €80 million. Backed by this financial capacity, Ubiqus stands out for the attention it devotes to research and development in the field of linguistics.

The integration of the luxury division into the Ubiqus group is in perfect harmony with our philosophy and the values of excellence that we, as artisans of words, apply to all your language projects.


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Due to the confidentiality agreements signed with our clients in the luxury sector,
we cannot mention the Houses for which we have carried out work.